Artist Interview: WARRIOR MUSIC for SIM NYE

Warrior Music Interview for SIM NYE

– Interview by Sarah Alexys Y –

That guy at Warrior Music is Nathan Panousis. Hailing from Edmonton Alberta, he is now a resident DJ at Toronto’s Bassmentality. Making a name for himself through his production work, his tracks have been recognized on and Gaining even more recognition playing at highly anticipated events such as WEMF and Freakout, he is an artist to look out for this year. Make sure to catch Warrior Music at Soul in Motion’s annual New Years Eve bash – Come Together 2013.


SARAH:  How did your stage name, “Warrior Music” originate?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  I was always a huge fan of the movie “The Warriors.” I was originally going to name myself after it. When I found out that the name was taken on every site I tried to register it on I added the music and dropped “the” and the rest is history.

SARAH:  What got you into music and playing at shows?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  I grew up listening almost exclusively to electronic music, it was the only thing that really seemed to resonate with me at a young age. I had dabbled in guitar for a bit but it was never really anything that stuck with me. I threw a party for my 16th birthday and used the proceeds to buy my first pair of tables and from there started DJing highschool parties which quickly turned into clubs once I turned 18.

SARAH:  You’re originally from Edmonton Alberta – what brought you here and how do you like living in Toronto?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  Edmonton is an incredible city with a great scene, but I grew up there. I found myself craving a new challenge and environment, and since I had never lived anywhere but Edmonton and hearing about all the incredible artists coming out of Toronto, the choice was easy! I love living in Toronto, the last 2 years have been an absolute blast!

SARAH:  I’ve heard you a number of times at Wrongbar and you always manage to select such an eclectic variety of tunes. How do you dig for new tracks?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  Thank you! I like to make an effort to really express my personality through my sets, and do so through my tune selection. Like I mentioned, I grew up listening to Electronic music and a lot of those that I listened to come out in my sets, so it’s not so much digging for new tracks, but reintroducing old ones. I think the DJ is there to show the crowd something new, and express himself through track selection. I love that I can play songs that really influenced me growing up and at the same time introduce people to new music and see them react in the same way I did.

SARAH:  I stumbled upon you at your day job. How do you manage to balance a day job and keep up your residency at Bassmentality as well as work on producing music?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  Not easily! …but I absolutely love what I do. I’m very strict about time management, and I really make an effort to work on music daily. I am constantly budgeting my time so that I can fit substantial chunks of production and learning in everyday. I treat my day job as a bit of a “break” from my even busier music “job.”

SARAH:  What is the secret to your famous hair?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  Years of transcendental meditation in the snowy mountains of Tibet, feeding only on the blood of lions and elephants.

SARAH:  What can we expect from your upcoming EP to be released in 2013?

WARRIOR MUSIC:  Lots of tempo ambiguous Electro (haha). I’ve been having an absolute blast slowing down the tempo a bit and making some more 4×4 tunes. You can expect a good chunk of melodic driven Electro influenced by a lot of the stuff coming out around 2006-2007.

– Interview by Sarah Alexys Y –

Sarah Alexys Y

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