Free MP3s from Beat 70

Beat 70 on SpinzCycle

Beat 70 on SpinzCycle

Everybody loves “FREE” so I thought I’d share the goods. I don’t even have much info on Beat 70 other than I’d downloaded a few freebies from him last year and thought this guy to be a very promising producer. Sometimes stuff from new producers gets sent and it kind of sits there, but these ones were jams that actually made it into my sets and got dropped here and there and while on tour.

Yesterday I’m looking through facebook and see a post from Gremlinz – an amazing Canadian producer who you may know from Renegade Hardware fame – who put up a link for a years worth of Beat 70’s jams for free. So go grab them while you can as there are some great funky dnb jams in here!

Get the goods right here!

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