Amazing video for Cyantific’s upcoming “Liberty EP”

Cyantific Liberty EP -

Release Date: 29th October 2012

Check out this amazing video for Cyantific’s upcoming release “Liberty EP”!  A lot of care and effort went into making sure this teaser vid captures the nostalgic vibe of the release and the slightly left of centre mood of the label in general.

This is a perfect showcase of what’s bubbling away at the Cyantific Music Research Facility. With the Cyantific himself at the control desk, the “Liberty EP” moves seamlessly between genres, tempos and styles. Please take caution and listen within a safe environment as Cyantific Music say they cannot be responsible for the misuse of this highly explosive material!

‘Streets of Rave’ and ‘Walking Away’ stand out for me here, with Streets going for an old school heavy breakbeat flavour, while Walking Away smacks the dancefloor in high energy epic anthem style.

Release Date: 29th October 2012

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