DC Breaks – Firez EP out now on Ram

You may live under a rock.  You may live in a van down by the river.  You may live in a shack like the unabomber and wear hooded sweat shirts so people will think you’re an Al Yankovic parody … Even still you must have the internet and you must be into DnB or else how did you get to this site?

Well for those that somehow don’t know, Soul In Motion is bringing in DC Breaks from Ram Records on May 11th this week.  This amazing Toronto debut coincides perfectly with the release of RAM114 “The Firez EP” by the mighty DC Breaks.  This has been on heavy rotation at the SIM camp and two of the tunes features on my latest podcast.  My personal fave is “Era”, but the title track is right the fuck up there too.

So if you like the melodic dancefloor bangers this is the one for you.  Any fan of Ram, Viper, DC Breaks, Metrik needs this in their crate so go grab it now!

RAM114 download or buy vinyl from Ram Records store

Oh yeah and go to the show, Toronto May 11th! -> Facebook Event

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