12 Inch Therapy Remix on Beatport

Not too long ago I got a message from my good friend Robb G of Promo Records about needing a DnB remix for his massive hit “12 Inch Therapy”. I said great!  I’ve needed something to kick me in the ass to get back into making music.  I immediately got in touch with Nusense (Viper Records) who I feel is currently one of the best DnB producers in Canada and asked if he’d like to collaborate.

Well here’s the result, a nice slice of minimal funk DnB with a twist in the middle.
Remixed and ready for download!  Its not like the old days where your tune could sit on dub forever and people would be sick of it by the time it came out.  This is about as fresh as it gets …

Buy it now @ BEATPORT

and while you’re there check out more from the talented Nusense


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