new dj Spinz mixes

Mr. Brown rocking the peeps during our set @ JM

Over the past couple of months I’ve actually managed to get some live sets recorded. The SIM NYE set was good fun times but obviously went by like a flash for me so here it is for all 5 people that weren’t there 😉

Junglist Movement is always a great time when people come together and dig deep in the crates to show where they came from.  The jam called for some old school gangster hip hop jungle and that’s what we delivered.  Listen for the sketchyness as we pretty much were just having a party on stage … if you weren’t there, check out this mix and make sure you go next year!


DJ Spinz – Live @ Soul In Motion – NYE 2010 (Midnight Set)
DJ Spinz & Mr Brown – Live @ Junglist Movement (Old School)

If you’re looking for more just run over to the mix archive page and grab up mixes going back as far as 1996.  More to be added whenever.

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