40hz presents Youngsta in Toronto!

Youngsta in Toronto March 3

While much of Toronto’s dubstep scene is dominated by the more trendy squelching aggressive sounds, there is one promotion crew that is sticking to the roots of the music.  40hz has been instrumental in keeping the more underground sub bass driven dubstep at the forefront of the Toronto scene with an ever growing list of amazing artists passing through to drop a set for this trail blazing crew.  This time around Youngsta from Rinse FM fills the headline slot, ready to give the 40hz Soundsystem a severe pounding.

Considered one of the finest DJs in dubstep, Youngsta’s flawless mixing and deadly accurate selection place him at the forefront of this evolving scene. His weekly radio show on Rinse FM, has become an institution and his live sets continue to raise the bar. Already considered a veteran, Youngsta’s sets have taken him around the world representing at some of the largest events and festivals such as DMZ, Why Not and Exodus.

On a personal level, I think my favourite thing about this show is that Jon and Jenn from 40hz seem to have a plan.  That plan is to bring back big sound to a club scene that has been more about figuring out how get people spending on bottles than concentrating on giving the people a proper musical experience. These guys bring back the feeling of when you didn’t really care where you were going, as long as you trusted the promoter would be bringing in a sound rig the size of mountain to give you a proper chest pummeling.  To me, that’s what its all about!

If you’re not yet convinced go here and grab some music from Youngsta and imagine how that would sound on one of the top sound rigs in the city.

Then go grab yourself a ticket to what will be one blazing hot show!

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