New Blog up and Running

Wow its finally up!  For a long time now I’ve wanted to sort out my website to be a bit more than a spot where you come and read text and boring crap and have zero insight into what’s really going on. Yay look at me I’m so cool … blah, blah, blah, screw that.

At SpinzCycle I’ll obviously be offering up lots of info about Drum and Bass and our little pocket of the world known as Toronto Canada, but hopefully I can do it in my own special way. I’ll be exposing you to some of the players in our scene and their talents as well as maybe an insight or two into what’s in the belly of the beast.

This is a work in progress so if there’s something you want to see let me know and don’t be afraid to get involved!  Look for info about my events with Soul In Motion, tours and appearances, releases on SpinzCycle (my new record label), releases on Sudden Def & Def:Ltd (my affiliates).

Keep on the look out for some freebies here and there as well.  Passes to shows, mixes to download, and some occasional free tunes from known and unknown artists to share with friends and dancefloors.

Lets get this thing started …

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