Artist Interview: Dubrock Sound System

Dubrock Sound System Interview

Most interviews deal with DJs and Producers, but don’t often dive into the pit and find out more about the behind the scenes people who keep the scene running. For this Q & A we decided to talk to the people who put together the sound system that will be rattling you out of your boots at this years SIM NYE – Come Together 6.

Mr Brown had a few questions for Dubrock Phil, the owner and creator of the Dubrock Sound System.

Mr BROWN:  When did you start the Dub Rock Sound System?

DUBROCK PHIL: Dubrock was created july 1987.

Mr. BROWN:  Who’s on your Team?

DUBROCK PHIL:  The team consists of Myself Graeme Telford,Rick Palmer,Heather Leich.

Mr BROWN:  Are there any events that you’ve done that are particularly noteworthy?

DUBROCK PHIL:  Most notable events: first-ever outdoor event at Wild Water Kingdom which featured Camo and Krooked first Canadian appearance. Another recent memorable event was doing the Scene Bass outdoor music festival in Niagara region this past summer.Boxing day 2011 full sound system setup at XS nightclub. We accidentally after doing soundcheck drowned out the movie “Mission Impossible” which was playing in a nearby Movie Theatre. Oops!

Plus over 30 delirium raves doing either the main room or the second room. during one of those raves… at the Masonic Temple on Yonge Street, 16 bins in the main room caused a large portion of the plaster ceiling to collapse in the balcony area. We were told at that point we were not welcome back again at the venue. Tony Blue was in charge of delirium raves at that time.

The Dubrock Sound System

Mr BROWN: How would you compare the sound systems from “back in the say” to yours today?

DUBROCK PHIL:  Technology has come a long way. A lot of new advancements have made many changes to the way we listen to our music. It’s hard to believe but I can give a very strong example, everyone is aware of the famous Woodstock concert festival that was done outdoors. It was done with 4 large custom concert bin and top end stacks, the total wattage of that sound system was 1200 watts, which consisted of 10 Macintosh 120 watt amplifiers. It was loud and clear for the thousands of people outside that enjoyed it, may I remind you that the people that built the sound system that did Woodstock went on to create other large sound corporations cuz no one else had done that before. This is where the likes of Claire Brothers and others started out. Nowadays there’s a constant battle for sound system companies to maximize their power output due to less efficient speaker cabinet designs and amplifier designs, this is the reason why we need such high power to make the same sound that they had back in the 60’s with little to no power. If a sound man asks you “does your building have proper power (higher voltage power 220volt/600volt)?” this is the most accurate reason why he’s asking that question!

Mr BROWN:  For the audio files out there, what does your rig consist of?

DUBROCK PHIL:  For all my audiophile friends that love the equipment. here’s a list of all the current in operation components of the Dub-rock Sound System.(other equipment not in use anymore or under-construction not disclosed.)

Speaker Enclosures:
-18 Modified Folded Horn Subs 1600w each.
-4 Modified double 15’s+horn 2000w each.
-4 Custom single 15+horn 1000w each.
-2 Custom 3-way full range cab’s 800w each.
-2 Peavey Concert Bi-Radial Horn’s loaded with EV concert series 4-way throat and 4x Selenium Dt-280 drivers. 1600w each.
-2 Berhringer powered full range speaker. 550w each.
Power Amplification:
-6 Ashly MFA-8000
-2 QSC Powerlight PL-380
-1 QSC Powerlight 6.0II
System 1:
-1 Yamaha 8ch. Mixing Board
-1 Ashly CLX-52 peak compressor/limiter.
-1 Ashly GQX-3102 eq.
-2 Ashly XR-1001 crossover.
-1 Berhringer compressor/limiter
-1 Audio Control “Richter Scale” bass enhancement/sub-harmonic synth.
System 2:
-1 Apex 12 channel Mixing Console.
-1 Ashly SC-55 Compressor/limiter.
-1 Ashly GQ-3102 eq.
-2 Ashly XR-3000 crossovers.
-1 Berhringer Compressor/Limiter.
-1 AphexSystems Aural Exciter Type B
-1 Ashly GQ-3101 eq.
-1 Audio Control “Richter Scale” bass enhancement/sub-harmonic synth.
DJ Booth:
-1 Pioneer DJM-800 mixer.
-2 Pioneer CDJ-1000 mk3
-2 Technics 1200 mkII turntables.

Wow, that’s some serious fire-power! With people dedicated to bringing you the best quality sound you can experience, it looks like 2014 is off to a fantastic start for the DnB lovers in Toronto. Don’t miss the Dubrock Sound System at this years SIM NYE

– Interview by Mr Brown –

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