Event Pics: SIGMA June.3.2011

Event Pics: SIGMA June.3.2011

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This was Sigma’s third visit for Soul In Motion and possibly the best.  The vibe was amazing at one of our favourite shows this year at a new club for us.  Aurum Room was an outstanding space and everyone was feeling it from the front to the back of the venue.

Here’s a couple of quick reviews from party goers that night:

All the DJ’s were on point and everything flowed very nicely. Sigma was absolutely ridiculous! He made it fuckin impossible to tell what was gunna be thrown at you next. All in all, was an awesome night…..can’t wait to see what Soul In Motion is gunna come up with next.

FUCKING SIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK! big ups to everyone it was fucking amazing! 🙂

AMAZING NIGHT, big ups soul in motion

Photos: Macphoto & Sick Designs Studio & shockitmedia

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