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House SM

Ever wanted to be a unicorn? Of course you have! Your wildest vision can come to life in the form of beautifully handcrafted rave wear. House SM is a Toronto based costume shop that specializes in custom, one of a kind corsets, decorated bras, crop tops, tutus, tights, and happy hoods.

Stacey Gonder and Marianne Jette, are the creators of House SM, they will turn you into a butterfly, a 20’s flapper, a sexy sailor, or whatever your heart desires – you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads. Visit ‘HouseSM’ on Facebook to see a photo gallery of their work.

10728996_10152924371666874_117295115_nSARAH:  What has been your favourite custom order to date?

HOUSE SM:  It’s definitely difficult to choose only one!  How about the top 3? We recently did a custom Sailor Moon outfit for a client attending Armin Only (van Buuren) , a Peacock inspired Corset for an EDC Vegas attendee and a custom “Patron Saint of the Rave” outfit for a Shambhala Festival goer.  All were super fun and unique to work on!

SARAH:  On average, how much do your pieces run?

HOUSE SM: Our custom, one of a kind pieces range from $65.00 and up.  We try to work with our clients to establish their budget.  The crop tops, tights, hoods, etc. range in price from $30.00 to $85.00

All of our pricing can be found on our Facebook page or our Etsy shop at

10735700_10152924371616874_1170436784_nSARAH:  At which festival have you seen the most creative costumes?

HOUSE SM: Oh man!  That’s a toughy too.  There is so much creativity at all of the festivals out there.  Our travels out west have definitely shown us some unique individuals.  Motion Notion in Golden B.C. definitely showed us that people aren’t afraid to push the envelope.

SARAH:  I really need a new party outfit, what is the best way to contact you?

HOUSE SM: Hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or email us at You can also contact us through our website

Let us know what your ideas are and we will bring it to life!  We want cool people to have cool things!

House SM has a Pop Up shop coming up, check it out November 15th!

House SM

– Interview by Sarah Alexys Y – photos used in feature image by Paul Steward

Sarah Alexys Y

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