Sex In The City – Winter Edition

Sex In The City - 2004

Sex In The City’s quarterly jam is almost upon us. This is a great excuse for folks to shine up their nice shoes and get classy with a mature DnB loving clientele. Still not sure if my set will feature newer or older liquid funk jams or maybe some of both. Either way myself and Señor Brown are bringing sexy back with a wicked martini and bass set.

For those that don’t know the history, SITC was a regular night a few years back that featured smoother sexier beats and was a favourite for T.O. DJs not only to play at but to hang out and chill. I caught up with founder LexxDB and asked him a few questions about the night …

dj Spinz: Do you have any archives of sets that people can check so they know what they’re in for?

LexxDB: There are a bunch of sets up on (ed: I’ve linked some favourites at the bottom of this post)

dj Spinz: What makes SITC different from the other nights in the city right now?

LexxDB: SITC is the place for mature, grown and sexy dnb heads to listen to smooth dnb with their contemporaries, in a nice environment. No grimey spaces with grimey people.

dj Spinz: What’s the main idea behind reviving the SITC name for this series of one-offs?

LexxDB: The demand for sitc never left! Every couple months I’d get an email asking about it and everytime I came to a dnb event, someone would ask about when I was throwing a reunion. Last year, rick approached me about doing with him, and I was sold. After the success of the first dance, we wanted to do it again, and so we decided we should make it a quarterly event series. And here we are, the winter edition.

Here’s some set links y’all:

DJ Lexx Birthday Set Live – April 3rd 2004
Illfingas aka Chillfingas Live – January 10th 2004
Marcus Visionary & DJ Lush Live – April 10th 2010

SITC Winter Edition

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