Soul In Motion

Maximum Minimal with Scott Free

April 4, 2010 dj Spinz 2

Funny how sometimes it takes someone else to notice something first before you do. This is one of those cases. This mix snuck up right under my own nose and I didn’t hear it until […]

dj Spinz

12 Inch Therapy Remix on Beatport

March 14, 2010 dj Spinz 2

Not too long ago I got a message from my good friend Robb G of Promo Records about needing a DnB remix for his massive hit “12 Inch Therapy”. I said great!  I’ve needed something […]

dj Spinz

new dj Spinz mixes

February 1, 2010 dj Spinz 1

Over the past couple of months I’ve actually managed to get some live sets recorded. The SIM NYE set was good fun times but obviously went by like a flash for me so here it […]


Oh my how fortunate!

January 10, 2010 dj Spinz 2

Ok, we’ve all had the fortune cookie with a double fortune in it, but 5 fortunes? Come on, this means something … I’m buying lottery tickets, I’m betting on horses, I’m buying stocks. This kind […]

dj Spinz

New Blog up and Running

December 4, 2009 dj Spinz 0

Wow its finally up!  For a long time now I’ve wanted to sort out my website to be a bit more than a spot where you come and read text and boring crap and have […]