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You know, I like to think that I know a lot of shit about DnB. But every once in a while something sneaks up on me and I feel a bit silly that I missed it along the way somewhere. That’s the story with Paul T who contacted me recently and I had to admit I didn’t know of his work. Taking a look at the labels he’s released on and the artists he’s collaborated with I had to wonder how I missed his name on some of my favourite labels! I guess its not like back in the day when I spent my days at Eastern Bloc records swindling the young Toronto DnB heads out of their hard earned cash in exchange for that glorious shiney black vinyl. Well thank the lawd for this blog where I can fullfill that weird ingrained need I have to find new music and spread it to the people in any way I can.  That brings us to Paul …

Currently Paul is working on collaborations with producers Survival and Ed Oberon amonst others. His most recent signings are to Good Looking,Vampire, Phuzion, Spearhead, Future Thinkin’, and Vibez Recordings. So really this is right up my alley as those are a lot of what I’ve been enjoying the past couple of years, especially Spearhead and Future Thinkin’. Djs lending support to his sound are: Fabio, Dbridge, Survival, Sabre, Ltj Bukem, Randall, Bailey and many more…

So I went on a hunt to dig up as much info about Mr Paul T as I could find so I could spread the word. Good chap that he is, he was kind enough to offer up a FREE 320 MP3 DOWNLOAD RELEASE as well for the people and you can’t argue with that! Grab the tune here and grab his recent mix recorded @ Momentum in Leeds. Do us both a solid and leave a comment if you’re downloading the tune!



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Paul T Store on his website music for £1
Do or Die • Paul T & Ed Oberon • Vampire Records
Bar de Musee • Paul T • Telluric
So Tired • Paul T • Spearhead



Paul T’s involvement in the electronic music scene began during 1990 at a time when the UK club and rave scene was at it’s prime. He regularly attended clubs. Seduction, Orange & Reincarnation to name few, and this led to his developing interest in DJ’ing. Then in 1993, he started DJ’ing with the Conflict agency, and it was around this period that he collaborated on productions with JD Cruz and Rachele Wallace of Suburban Bass Records. His ongoing interest in production also led to working with renowned drum and bass producer, Adam F.

With the aim of extending his musical knowledge, Paul T went back to his instrumental roots and started to play the piano again. This helped in developing his music writing skills and also led to teaching himself to play the bass guitar. It was during this time that he performed regularly with various bands around London. His extensive experience in the band scene allowed him to delve into styles that ranged from trip hop, to dub to experimental.

Paul T is currently working on collaborations with producers Survival and Edward Oberon.

His most recent signings are to Good Looking Records,Vampire Records, Phuzion Records, Spearhead Records, Future Thinkin Records, Underconstruction Records, Vibez Recordings.

Djs lending support to his sound are … Fabio, Dbridge, Survival, Sabre, Ltj Bukem, Randall, Lynx, Eveson, Phil Scource, Bailey and many more…

He has traveled to Singapore, Malaysia, Spain, Germany, Holland, Slovakia, Poland djing and performing.

It’s a case of watch this space with Paul T; DJ, Producer and performer who is clearly making waves in the scene…


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